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Healing From Sexual Trauma 


June 24-26th 3-6 PM PST

Sexual trauma and abuse is a widespread silent epidemic and its healing is of the utmost importance. How you show up in life is related to how comfortable and safe you feel in your body and in relating with others. It is of vital importance to learn the proper energetic tools to clear trauma and foreign energies from the body so that you can live comfortably and attract only the intimate situations, environments and partners of high integrity, safety and respect. 

In this non judgmental and safe space we will be sharing tools for healing mentally, emotionally and physically and teaching important information on how to feel safe trusting again, how to have strong boundaries, how to be remove all traces of guilt and shame, and many other important topics.

You will have access to the live and recorded sessions through registering at the link below. 

Register by June 21st and pay 15% less. 

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