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  • Scarlett Demy


Let me school you in some real game. Not based on fake pickup lines, routines that cover up your insecurities, and playing out a persona of what you think a confident person acts like. Real game is natural game. You don’t have to think of some cheesy lines to say because you’re so tapped into your mental faculties that words just flow like freestyle poetry. You’re not just another basic because you’ve looked inside yourself and you know who you really are and it shows. You’re not worried about impressing anyone because you’ve outimpressed yourself, and that’s impressive.

You can only have a short term win when you attract someone with pretense and mental strategies. When you do the real work, which is shifting the energy internally, you get something long lasting and genuine within yourself and a potential relationship.

Shortcuts cut you short.

You have to do the real work. The spiritual work. The inner work.


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