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  • Scarlett Demy

A Sufi Poem

The Lord is in me, and the Lord is in you,

As life is hidden in every seed.

So rubble your pride, my friend,

And look for Him within you.

When I sit in the heart of His world

A million suns blaze with light,

A burning blue sea spreads across the sky,

Life's turmoil falls quiet,

All the stains of suffering wash away.

Listen to the unstruck bells and drums!

Love is here; plunge into its rapture!

Rains pour down without water;

Rivers are streams of light.

How could I ever express

How blessed I feel

To revel in such vast ecstasy

In my own body?

This is the music

Of soul and soul meeting,

Of the forgetting of all grief.

This is the music

That transcends all coming and going.

Kabir, Indian Sufi


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