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Battery Life

Energy is infinite, but most sources that people use are finite.

Forms are constrained by the limits of time and space. The energy behind the form is infinite; it simply passes through this dimension in its time space coordinate form. The immaterial energy is the essence of what fuels all.

Food, relationships, sexual energy, careers, and attention are all forms (energy potentials in this dimension) used as a means of gathering energy. Being forms they are also subject to time/space constraints when used as an energy source.

Our human experience is also infinite energy in a time/space constrained form. While you can learn to manipulate these, it helps to adhere to certain physical laws of energy to maximize your experience.

Getting your energy from the spiritual source origin means you go directly to the fountain rather than the droplets 💧.

Practically, the less energetic clutter you have within your body, habits, and environment (all limited form experiences/energy potentialities) the more space you have for this infinite spiritual energy to come through. It’s more real and lasting than any of the finite forms. And once you have it, the finite forms begin the magnetically move towards you as a potential energy source.

Expending less energy in your body by consuming less (physically, visually, emotionally) leaves more and more capacity for infinite spiritual energy.

All forms, regardless of their appearance, being organic, inanimate, liquid, solid are electrical and contain or extract energy. Choosing to engage with harmonious energetic exchanges with forms helps to charge your experience rather than deplete your own energy.

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