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  • Scarlett Demy

Be Authentic

Mauvaise foi, “bad faith,” an existential term coined by Jean Paul Sartre, is the psychological phenomenon whereby men and women act inauthentically by yielding to the external pressures of society to adopt false values and disown their innate freedom as sentient human beings.

An inauthentic man is too eager to please; his body is quick and rigid, his voice tight and off pitch, and his intentions scattered and indefinite. An inauthentic woman is separated from her innate graceful power, blending into the physical lookalikes with similar vocal expressions and outfits.

When you are not your true Self you are not individuated as your true soul Self but instead are a clone of other energies and you do not exist as an “I.” This is why the ego actually is healthy in many ways. The ego grants identity and creates form out of the formless. A healthy ego is a healthy willpower and strength to overcome and succeed against social pressures to blend into group egoic institutions and paths.

Everything is a copy of something else - even your thoughts are from an already existing supply of streaming thoughts, yet your expression and how you bring things together in combination is your uniqueness. The method by which you craft the non physical (infinite energy) into the physical (material world of forms) is your unique energy signature.

The pressure to conform is the pressure to feel loved, secure and accepted, but it is at the cost of giving up one’s freedom. The freedom to express is the highest form of freedom. The most attractive people are the ones that are fully free in their authenticity. They care the least of what others think and paradoxically attract the most attention and admiration, creating situations in which others are often thinking of them.


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