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Better to Err on the Side of Cocky

Social programming engineers people to stay small and malleable. The collective egoic structures of government, schools, churches and the like benefit and profit from a person’s lack of inner security and knowing.

By convincing you the answers are with an outside god, with a priest, with an expert, with a scholar and so on... you outsource your authority and sovereignty.

These structures manufacture the ideas that the meek and small are the true good people, that to be proud is a sign of conceit and to be prosperous is to be greedy.

So subtle are these infiltrations that they operate in an invisible and undetectable way for most people.

As with all energetic forms, energy seeks to expand, and if you become a copy of like frequency you become food for the form to grow (recruiting, spreading the message, etc).

So rarely discussed is the idea of individuation. That you can be a source of oneness yet remain an individual and sovereign.

Rebellion against these attempts would mean throwing off the fears of appearing different, strange or crazy, being comfortable being alone, and allowing yourself the ability to be so confident in your own guidance, holding your head up high and daring to rebel against any and all institutions and their attempts at spiritual enslavement.

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