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  • Scarlett Demy

Black Kali

In the Puranas, while Parvati soothes Shiva and neutralizes his destructive tendency, Kali actively provokes and encourages it.

Kali is the demon slayer. She is the archetype you must call on when softness and ease aren’t working and you must fight blood with blood.

While Durga, another aspect of the goddess rides on a lion (the inspiration for the Strength card in Tarot), Kali is “the companion of jackals whose dark silhouettes blend into the night.” Destruction, when understood properly, is nothing but a destruction of illusion, the ego and the concept of duality. Those who resist this inevitable part of the spiritual journey create more and more resistance until they are inevitably consumed by a more wrathful form of destruction.

Kali is known as the black one and the destroyer of time. She is like a black hole which once within its reach you cannot escape. Black holes exhibit a phenomenon known as gravitational time dilation, where an object falling into a black hole appears to slow as it approaches the event horizon, taking an infinite time to reach it. She destroys time into the infinite.

A black hole usually is created when a large body such as a massive star that has run out of fuel, buckles under its own weight and collapses inward, space-time caves in with it. The gravitational field becomes so strong that not even light can escape, rendering the region where the star used to be profoundly dark: a black hole.

Modern science still has no idea what happens to objects within a black hole, it is feared as a form of inescapable destruction. There is a point inside a black hole known as a singularity, where gravity and density become infinite, space-time curves infinitely and the laws of known physics are thought to no longer apply.

Destruction is only the destruction of illusion, the ego and the concept of duality.

Kali is the reminder for this.

Kali's mantra:

Oṃ jayantī mangala kālī bhadrakālī kapālinī.

Durgā ksamā śivā dhātrī svāhā svadhā namō'stu‍tē


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