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  • Scarlett Demy

Black Mirror

A black scrying mirror is a powerful form of divination to see deep into the void as a reflection of your current life situation.

Blackness often scares people, but really it’s just the absence of photons. Everything emerges from blackness and void emptiness. It Tantric Buddhism this state, shunya, is the state of peace, emptiness and inner wisdom.

If you look into any mirror long enough, you will notice that your reflection will shift and change showing your apparitions of your other selves, parallel lives, past lives, concurrent life forms. It’s frightening to see yet how can you be terrified of your self?

In Tantric eye gazing exercises, partners also notice these shape shifting phenomena.

If you can have the courage to look into the void, you will realize that all fears and scary apparitions are just an illusion.

Comment below if you’ve had interesting experiences with mirrors.


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