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Calibrating your Body Clock ⏰

Did you know you could train your body to not need an alarm clock?

You can literally wake yourself up at different hours on cue.

Much like many things in modern society we are taught we must use an external apparatus. It’s simply not true.

Through an intensive meditation and yoga practice and a healthy body optimizing diet you can learn to tune into your body with all of its various energy channels. You take command of the operations as opposed to allowing things to run randomly and depend on outside forces. By meditating on the Ajna Chakra between the brows, also known as the command center, which regulates the pituitary and pineal glands that regulate sleep and waking, one can learn to feel and influence biorhythms of sleeping states.

The times just before you fall asleep and right when you wake up are some of the most sensitive times for your body and subconscious mind. It’s important to practice awareness with what sounds and messages are influencing you at these times, and being able to eliminate a harsh jolting alarm clock can do wonders for your inner peace and serenity. Your most powerful visualizations and imaginations will be performed during these hours as you will usually be entering into or leaving altered states of consciousness or dream states.

In the Tibetan Tantra practice of Dream Yoga, an adept learns the deeply powerful practice of controlling their lucid dream state in order to purify the mind. By changing fearful objects into more positive ones and learning to face emotions and obstacles in the dream state, it is said to be nine times more effective than a waking meditation. Just as with hypnosis it is much more powerful and easier to profoundly affect the mind when it is a deeper state of consciousness.

Because our world is viewed in itself as an illusory dream world, masters who have accomplished dream yoga and truly see the world as a dream can manipulate the physical world as if it is no longer physical.

Dream yoga also helps create the light and humorous attitude towards life as one knows there is nothing to take too seriously as dreams are just a play of the mind. 💫

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