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  • Scarlett Demy

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Why are we always running around and rushing to get somewhere? Do we even know where we are headed? The goals we create and the pressure to reach them as if there is some feeling of satisfaction that we will FINALLY reach once we get “there.” The top gets higher the more that you climb. Because you can not grasp what is always in motion, always in cycles. I remember being in a bookstore and feeling a sense of defeat that I’ll never fully be able to read all the knowledge available because there’s too many new books arriving all the time.

Structure and the illusion of arrival give our egos the fleeting sense of control and safety it craves. If we never arrive anywhere then what are we doing on this endlessly spinning carousel?

“After all, the enjoyment of our world is not really unlike listening to music. We don’t play music in order to get somewhere. I mean, if the objective of the music were to arrive at a point, say the last bar, the final great crashing pause of the symphony, well then all we’d do we’d just hurry up its playing, play as fast as possible so as to get to the culmination as soon as possible. Or, just cut out the whole symphony and play only the last bars.

To be able to enjoy it, we have got to live each moment of the playing and listen to it as if it were the only thing important to listen to.” -Alan Watts


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