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Chasing vs Attracting

If you start running after someone or something, it’s first instinctual reaction would be to run away.

Everything is energy and the energy either moves harmoniously or it is out of alignment.

The best way to attract love is to magnetize it towards you by becoming magnetic yourself.

The Kundalini energy at the base of your spine is a magnetic coil just like in other magnetic technologies.

When you practice Tantra and activate this energy, it results in you purging out your impurities (your insecurities, lower emotions, heavy and dense energy) and you instead become light, attractive and magnetic to your desires.

Love then is attracted towards you naturally and effortlessly because you are not creating a resistant/repelling energy by trying to force the energy to come to you externally.

Attract a lover by learning patience and doing the inner work to be a magnetically attractive person.

The details of how and when you will meet someone are secondary to your attractiveness level from your inner cultivation.

Do the inner work here 🤍👇🏽

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