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Choice is the ego wanting to say “I did that.” Surrendering into #intuitive#guidance is the only choice because our choice and the universe’s choice are one and the same. If we disagree, then we are just not seeing clearly and we are not aware of what is really happening.

According to the Principal of Causality, all events are causes and effects within the realm of #infinite distances and #universal#interaction. "After this" does not always mean "because of this." Actions do not follow a linear nor decipherable path, as demonstrated through the Parable of the Farmer (next post). At a quantum level all paths are the same. Likewise, #time is not linear. There is no proper way to “navigate” or “time” a path. #Confidence as a key attribute to #success contains within it the quality of being #decisive.

#Decisiveness through following intuitive impulses puts you into #alignment. You do not have to strain or put effort into making the “right” choice. You don’t have to try to #breathe, you just breathe. You don’t have to try to have a #heart#pulse, your heart just pulses.

You are a #human#being. At a certain point when you reach true #alignmentthere is no more confusion on deciding between various paths. You simply make an #intention and the universe presents you with your next steps and takes them for you.

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