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  • Scarlett Demy

Choose Now

Fear takes many disguises. It can tell you you are waiting till you are “ready.” It can tell you your healing is a “process.” It can create unnecessary prerequisites to the goal or task you want to accomplish. It can be a clever and sly distraction tricking you into cleaning the house or running unnecessary errands rather than having the discipline to work on what you need to focus on to achieve your wildest dreams. It can make you think an opportunity will be there later when an opportunity is a treasure gifted you by life to be seized immediately before it fades into the background of your habit driven existence.

There’s a book by Mel Robbins called the 5 Second Rule. She says anything you want to do but you’re hesitating, do it in 5 seconds. This gives you the chance to act spontaneously before your brain tries to step in and rationalize your fears. I’ve had days where I’ve done this and it gives me a feeling so aligned that my #body is buzzing with #vibrating#energy. Why not give it a try?


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