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Concentration and Imprinting

What you hold in your awareness you begin to imitate and assume the consciousness of.

In Hawaiian Shamanism 🌺 there is a practice called ‘grokking’ in which you hold in your awareness an object of focus such as an animal (i.e. a Tiger) in order to allow its characteristics to psychically imprint onto you (i.e. courage, strength). Through a visualization and feeling practice a person assumes the consciousness of the object.

On a physical/material level imprints are created on the life force energy particles and moreover the cells of your body through the various thoughts and actions you take. Feeling states give shape and form to your personal life force and you subconsciously or consciously instruct (intend) this life force to attract into your experience that of similar life energy. Through the principle of biomagnetism you call forth and synchronize with the Universal field of consciousness that matches your imprinting.

Hindu philosophy calls these imprints or impressions ‘Samskaras’ and they are what is said to be the Karma you carry into this life from past embedded imprints of thought and behavior on your consciousness.

To transmute these imprints would mean to consciously have awareness of where you allow your focus and concentration and to begin a process of clearing past imprinting which may manifest as routine thoughts and behaviors. Aside from a steady yoga and meditation practice which helps with biohacking on a physical level, you must be vigilant as to where you allow your focus and concentration to dwell, especially around emotionally charged (biomagnetically charged) situations.

Your environment and surrounding energy will permeate your life force unless you learn to strengthen your aura or biomagnetic field, which then reflects and deflects outside life force energy particles with their signature imprinting, under your conscious instruction (intention). By maintaining control of your emotions/feeling states you gain greater command of your own imprinting function as well as the interaction with the Universal field with all of its various clashing imprinted life force energy particles.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” The word ‘magnet’ refers to something that attracts. If you think of the word ‘magnify’ which carries the root word ‘magnet’ yet means to amplify you can innerstand the connection between focus and magnetizing. To magnify is to increase or intensify, to attract more of. Much like a magnifying glass uses increased focus on concentration to amplify the power of sunlight, so will you amplify, increase attract more of where your focus is placed.

Magnetism is actually a dual system of attraction and repulsion so the resistance to an object of awareness engages a similar focus and attraction. Much like the two ends of a magnet carry a positive and negative polarity each life force particle carries both polarities.

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