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Conscious vs Unconscious

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.” —Carl Jung

Just one traumatic event in your life can cause an imprint (samskara) so deep that it spawns endless thought forms (vrittis) that continually reinforce your habitual desires, behaviors and tendencies (vasana). Each time your mind thinks, feels emotions, and acts on its imprints, it continually reinforces the grooves and patterning in the unconscious mind (chitta).

Your childhood is usually only a replay of your soul’s many past life incarnations. Everything in your life replays in cycles connected to the past, present and future of your soul.

A person might think that women are very controlling, when it’s really a samskara/imprint that magnetically attracts to him those experiences that align with his unconscious trauma from his mother in order for it to be healed through awareness.

A person may have an addiction to cigarettes, thinking that it’s only because of the chemicals in it, not realizing that it’s a coping mechanism from a trauma experienced at a young age - something that if realized could rid her of all cravings.

A person might have physical pain and think that they have a health disorder, not realizing that a traumatic event created an imprint so deep that it translated into and was stored in the physical body.

Someone may have trouble earning money and try to work harder and harder, not realizing that it’s not about the physical labor but the unconscious trauma and past life memories of difficulty with money.

A person may think that all romantic partners are unfaithful, not realizing that there is still a residue of imprint from a recent traumatic experience of infidelity.

Conscious behaviors can usually only barely touch the surface of what is really needed to heal and release deeply ingrained thoughts, emotions and behavior. What is needed is a revelation of the unconscious.

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