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Cutting the Umbilical Cord

To manifest healthy, loving relationships there needs to be a certain amount of energetic space to accommodate the incoming energy you are desiring.

Many times people are blocked from manifesting love or healthy relationships because of a reluctance to leave the energetic nest of their family and upbringing.

Spiritually asleep parents often seek to create a dependency within their children in order to feel needed - a sense of purpose. This can extend late into adult years and, if one is not careful, then even an entire lifetime.

Parents motivated through the ego may consciously or unconsciously sabotage their child’s natural process of individuation by creating spiritual, emotional or physical (financial, situational etc.) roadblocks.

Emotionally needy mothers may create fear in their children of developing autonomy so that they do not feel a sense of abandonment.

Emotionally demanding fathers may create a fear of conflict within their children that manifests as a fear of intimacy.

Spiritually healthy parents teach individuation. They treat their children as beings unto themselves. Ego based parents seek to create extensions of themselves and will subtly manipulate the child into attachment through devices such as guilt or shame or decreasing their child’s self confidence.

Like a spiritual welfare check, staying attached to one’s family karma can keep one from finding true independence and self sufficiency as you revert backwards rather than moving forward into your challenges and growth - safely growing within healthy relationships.

The unhealed ego wounds of the parents are passed down to the children who must conquer the temptation to seek love outside the Self, stop enabling the parents by remaining obedient to their unmet desires, and create a new paradigm of healthy relating for the family’s ancestry.

It is important to release the psychic bonds with one’s parents in order to become fully actualized.

Only when these psychic cords are courageously cut can one attract healthy partners from a complete sense of Self.

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