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Cymatics & Yantras

Cymatics perfectly exhibit how yantras and mantras are interrelated. Sound becomes form.

Tantric teachings state 4 different stages of sound. Unmanifest, manifest sound, luminous enclosing sound and enclosed sound. Mantras which have been channeled through trances, visions, telepathy and dreams by ancient yogic practitioners have their corresponding deities (representations of divine omnipotence), yantras, bodily poses, elements, minerals, colors, etc that are all parallel forms of energy. The dictionary of life contains all these corresponding elements under a defining mantra.

Mantras are pronounced aloud, subtly whispered or mentally spoken, it’s silent form ironically being the most powerful. The silent emanations penetrate cellularly, leading one closer to the source and origin of Self, the bindu.

Holistic medicine uses the concepts of these like energies (shapes, colors, forms) to cure ailments since the manifestation of parallel energy is of the same frequency so it’s able to access the energy. E.g. red colored foods for blood, beans for kidney etc.

A vigilance of all internal and external sounds and visual stimuli is a mark of a sophisticated sadhaka. All has influence, the subtle and the gross.

Our body is our personal yantra (manifestation of sound into form) and the sound of our breath and voice is our personal mantra. How we evolve and grow and transmute is our personal Tantra.

One must always pay attention to their posture, bodily health and weight (yantra), the subtle sounds of the inner thoughts and the intonation of breath (mantra), and what they do with the so called unwanted or polarized aspects of the Self (non duality/tantra).

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