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  • Scarlett Demy

Delayed Gratification

An investment bears more returns with patience.

Food is tastier and richer on an empty palette.

A victory is sweeter after a difficult struggle.

In the world of duality, contrast creates the condition of balance.

The equal and opposite force you create through patience and discipline means greater amounts of energy and reward.

Because your sexual blueprint is your life blueprint, the more you have control over your sexual faculties, the more you are a master at controlling your finances, relationships, health and every other area of your life.

An overindulging sexuality is an overfed, lethargic and devitalized spirit.

When you learn to master your sexuality with Tantra, you direct your sexual vitality under your will and use your sexual creative energy to manifest a life of your choice.

Self-control creates a higher climax.

Masculine Mastery


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