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  • Scarlett Demy

Masculine & Feminine as Reverse

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The masculine and feminine principles represent the meeting of the higher and lower, the astral and the physical, the creation and the world of forms.

When a woman embraces a man, she often wraps her arms around the man’s neck while the man wraps his arms around her waist or lower. The feminine gives in the higher energy centers and the masculine gives in the lower energy centers. Women have high pitched voices and men have lower pitched voices. When they speak or sing to each other they receive these complementary tones.

When a woman kisses a man, he receives her tongue into his mouth which reflects a reversal of the astral and physical. On the physical plane man in emissive and woman is receptive. On the astral plane woman is emissive and man is receptive. The astral and physical realms are reversed (this is why in near death experiences people see their lives playing out in reverse).

In a woman, the breasts are yang or penetrative because she gives from the higher energy centers. In a man it is reversed because he gives from the genitals, the lower energies. The higher represents the astral, the intuitive, the conscious and the lower represents the material, the willpower and the giving form.

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