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  • Scarlett Demy

Detached Desire

“As soon as you let go and stop holding the world at its throat, the world immediately becomes friendly and obedient, but if you won’t let go, you will walk around like a magnet, drawing everything of opposite nature to yourself.” -Vadim Zeland

Whenever you really want something you are almost sure not to get it. This is because excessive desire creates resistance.

Tantra embodies the art of desire without attachment. Desire is natural, but our relationship to it is relative. One learns to manifest through a realization of the inherent internal external relationship, rather than yearning and clinging for a certain outcome.

The universe speaks in magnetism and polarity. Any excess creates a magnetic charge in which both poles of attraction and repulsion are activated. A magnet always has two poles.

When you are neutral, you release the grip of resistance that attracts what you do not desire towards you. To be neutral is to be in the natural flow of movement, innerstanding that life moves in seasons and cycles, and having the patience to be in neutral expectation.

I found the book “Reality Transurfing” by Vadim Zeland to be an excellent practical application for the mindset of neutrality. He gives many practical mindset applications such as how to decrease the importance of what you desire so that you no longer cling to it.


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