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  • Scarlett Demy

Detail is Everything

Everything you do matters. All of the tiny details and all of the unnoticed habits. There is a common saying that #successful people usually make their bed in the morning. Though it seems irrelevant that this ties into success it actually completely does.

In Feng Shui the physical environment is a manifestation of the mental environment. If someone makes their bed it shows they are organized mentally, they care for cleanliness and orderliness and this little habit will influence all their habits throughout the day - e.g. remembering tasks throughout the day and being organized so that you work more efficiently.

The human mind runs on #patterns. It does not distinguish responses to stimuli based on how your soul would like it to. It takes shortcuts. It follows routine. It runs on the familiar. It applies broad solutions to specific situations.

You train your mind to have better qualities by paying attention to every second of your day. Moving and acting in awareness. The #Zen philosophy is that everything is meditation. The energy of the present moment is the energy of every coming moment. Be and embody the qualities you want now.


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