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  • Scarlett Demy

Developing the Complementary Principle within Yourself

We are all meant to find balance and neutrality. This is why opposites magnetize, polarities seek to meet.

You don’t usually know it, but when you are attracted to somebody it is because they have traits that you are lacking. A man might be attracted to a woman’s softness because deep down he seeks to soften his walls of defense and find his own inner peace. A woman may be attracted to a very assertive and dominant man because deep down she seeks to strengthen her own will power which is lacking.

We all must cultivate the masculine and feminine within ourselves to their full capacity.

Many people ask about homosexuality and why it happens. When a person has developed the masculine and feminine polarities in relationship to their sexuality, they may choose to no longer seek the external physical polarity. There is no more charge of opposition that leads them in that direction.

Some disciples of initiatic science choose to cultivate the archetype of the androgyne by fully developing and fusing the masculine and feminine principles.

If you ever want to release the magnetism and grip of a relationship, ask yourself what is the trait within the other person that you are seeking to cultivate within yourself and work on developing it. Once your soul is satisfied with achieving that complement within there will be less of a magnetic charge to seek it externally.


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