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  • Scarlett Demy

Devil or Divine

What does the devil do aside from

Rip up the canvas of your illusions?

Hold a mirror to you and force your chin up to see your insecurities?

Hurt you into releasing the baggage 🧳 you were clingedly grasping?

The shadow aspects of reality are those of the left, the yin -the feminine.

In culture ..“Eat with your right hand (masculine)” they say. I say eat with your left. Eat from the feminine, nourish yourself from the divine mother and release the association of her to your own illusions. The feminine is the void and the maya (illusion) that YOU create. Without her you don’t exist.

In the Flower Garland Sutra in the East Asian Mahayana tradition, women are described as “messengers of hell who can destroy the seeds of Buddhahood. They may look like bodhisattvas, but at heart they are like yaksha demons.”

In actuality, women are the embodiment of maya and creation, which is why people’s fears and projections (creations) are associated with the feminine. The masculine is the awareness and consciousness (compassion in Tantric Buddhism). The feminine energy (wisdom) is what makes the unmanifest coalesce into manifest form. All you have to do is take an inventory of your experience with women.

If you’ve heard and embodied fear of facing the feminine in yourself then you remain in... suspense. You remain a half. A question mark.

How do you face the feminine?

You face your own darkness.

If you are a coward and afraid to crawl in the caves of your own mind to see where your own “dark” forms are hiding then you stay stuck.

A warrior understands that darkness serves the light. You must face the feminine courageously. Only you holding up your light disperses shadows, and the shadow is still only your own.

All the light is you. All the dark is still you.

Purify yourself and you fear/attract/perceive nothing externally as a shadow of contrast.


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