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Don't Grab

“Don’t reach. Don’t grab. Let everything in life come to you as a gift.”

One of the most important lessons I learned from my teacher.

Cultivating gentleness.

The ego will prefer to hustle so that it feels like your small self is the doer of life. The spirit will know you are only part of the whole organism, and will be comfortable with gently receiving.

When you feel resistance in you, you can surrender to it and thus be total in overcoming it, or be deluded into pushing past it, overpowering it, and overriding the nature of your self. This keeps you stuck in the same cycle where you have to redo the whole process because you were not total and complete in the awareness.

In Tantra, the orgasm is not the goal. Even though it’s the perceived height of the experience. When you surrender the pursuit of the goal, you experience the irony of realizing the present moment already contained within it the perceived goal. The whole thing becomes orgasmic.

Such is life. Tantra is a metaphor for life. Give up the reach for the climax and you will experience the heights of each moment. Cultivate constant awareness and presence and be total in this moment. It’s the only thing that exists.

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