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Don't Sell Your Soul

Most people cringe at the idea of selling one’s soul to the devil. Yet few people recognize the small ways in which they sell, or forfeit their soul essence.

One sells pieces of their soul by settling for less than. Going against what one’s spirit truly wants in the favor of allowing another’s interest.

Making excuses to keep working somewhere you don’t really want to because you’re afraid of letting the security go.

Sacrificing your happiness to stay in an unhappy relationship because you feel guilty breaking up with your partner or that your children will resent you.

Allowing dysfunctional family members to abuse or mistreat you because social norms state that family is above all.

Or any other way of giving up your sovereignty to another’s will.

This is not to be confused with the spiritual aspects of surrender and emptiness or the void. While one is in accordance with the universal script of the highest good , selling soul essence means giving your consciousness to the will of another ego or form or entity which can manifest as a person, group, belief system or institution among other forms.

Choose to be high spirited.

Only act on that which your spirit chooses. Not the fear or attachment of the ego, but the faith and higher vision of the spirit that knows deep down it knows the universal truth of all that is.

Know thyself. You always know. Deep down you always know the truth. Have courage to listen to what is right for you.

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