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East Meets West

One of the principle foundations of Tantra is the quality of integration - where opposites meet. The higher and the lower. The inner and the outer. The individual as well as the collective strives towards the non dual neutral point through the attraction of polarities.

Just as we benefit when we balance our right and left brain hemispheres, so do we benefit by balancing and integrating our cultures.

How this manifests today is the conscious blending of the spiritual and the material.

There is a larger, more dynamic purpose in various teachers such as Osho, Paramahansa Yogananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and many more coming to the United States in particular to bring the message of spirituality and yoga.

Just as the materially entrenched Westerners can and are benefitting from a spiritual practice to pull them up from the dense and stressful world of pure materialism, so the East can benefit from the structure and practicality of material structure.

India itself used to be known as the land of riches; only in the last few hundred years has it been beset by poverty. If the East embraces a healthy sense of materialism just as the West is beginning to embrace the beauty of spiritual and yogic practice then the balance created would benefit the entire world.

The spiritual community in particular must awaken from its subtle hypnotic programming that detests all things financial, abundant and rich. God loves beauty and wealth and wishes for all of creation to prosper.

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