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Embracing Sexuality

It’s quite #mindblowing how as far as we have advanced in the world there is still so much to be done in the realm of sexuality. There is so much suppression and repression of this #vital energy with people shaming and guilting others and themselves for being in tune with this natural energy.

It’s the same as with any type of energy; what resists persists. Because society pushes it down you see it acted out in unnatural ways.

I am confident that the oversexualization of women would not exist if women were simply allowed to be sexually free. The more you cover, the more nudity you create. The more you keep women from freely engaging in sex, the more desperation you see in men through pornography and prostitution.

The statistics are ridiculously high for the number of women who are unable to reach an orgasm because of the subconscious psychological blocks society has placed on them.

It’s time that we end this nonsense and accept that #sexual energy is life force energy. It’s the energy of creation; of feeling one with the #divine. Be #awareof the messages you have fed yourself and are subconsciously being fed. Leave the insecurities and ego behind and unlock this great power within you and watch your manifestations increase a hundredfold.


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