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  • Scarlett Demy

Emotional Alchemy

You are not your emotions, just as you are not your thoughts. Yet your emotions require guidance and your conscious work in order not to hold you captive.

Men are emotional beings, as are women. While some people are very expressive of their emotions and maybe even drown in them, others may be completely numb thinking this is a form of power.

Emotions must be felt, acknowledged and transmuted in order to allow you a sense of true will and sovereignty. Otherwise you remain in a state of dissociation and fragmentation, not innerstanding from where problems arise and karmic patterns repeat. They remain on replay until you process the lessons and free yourself.

There are 7 Emotions with a purpose according to GuruMeher Khalsa:

Fear - brings safety, comfort, and fearlessness. It jumps fast for information and action during danger and change.

Desire - leads to satisfaction, contentment, and empowered self-containment. It’s hot sticky pull won’t quit until you know how to take care or what you really need.

Anger - your intense protector and go-getter. It’s hot strength teaches you how to use this power for the good of all.

Depression - to stop and give up so you can move on and win. It’s dead dark energy forces you to relax, review, and renew until you surrender to your higher power.

Grief - nurtures you to awaken and heal your heart. It’s bittersweet longing dives deep within to find wholeness after any loss or change.

Shame - drives you to accept yourself. You will hate or hide until you come to love all as perfect in its perfection.

Guilt - an internal compass that uses mistakes to teach responsibility and integrity. This strict internal judge guides you to be true to your Self.


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