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Emotional Expectations

One of the biggest reasons for disappointment in the human condition is the setting up of emotional expectations, in all circumstances, but especially in relationships. The expectation that a person will treat you the same. The expectation that a situation will be as you idealized in your mind. The expectation of the light without the dark.

Expectation is quantum intention hinged on another’s free will.

When a person feels unrequited love or fantasizes and idealizes another, they are usually coming from trauma that has become normalized. Emotional neglect. Unmet needs. Invalidated Self. Movies tell you that if you just keep chasing, yearning and longing it will somehow workout. The spiritual community tells you the emotionally unavailable person you want is just a twin flame runner. ...It’s just trauma.

When you internalize your expectations rather than outsourcing them, you return to personal sovereignty.

Go for love, take risks, face rejection, but don’t lose your center by allowing someone else to temporarily replace the Self. Expect certainty from nothing but yourSelf.

Maya is a tricky one 😉.

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