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Entertainment Magic

Magic is everywhere. You either notice it, harness it, ignore it, or are a subject to it.

The purpose of entertainment itself is a magic ritual. The word’s etymology is [enter] - from Latin intrō, from intrā (“inside”)

[-tain] - from Latin sub- + teneo ("hold, grasp, possess, occupy, control") e.g. sustain, obtain

[-ment] - from Latin mens (“the mind” or “the sprit”) Sanskrit - Manas.

Hollywood is named after a magic wand of the Holly Tree. The druids revered trees, the Oak for the light months and the Holly for the dark winter months. Holly is commonly used all over the world as a Christmas decoration, a custom derived from the early Romans who sent boughs of Holly and other gifts to their friends during Saturnalia, the Roman festival of Saturn held around the 17th of December to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Names are magic so by naming something you infuse it with those qualities — be careful what you name yourself! It should be positive and empowering.

When you view television 📺 it tells-a-vision. The visual faculty is forefront of magic of the mind. Your personal visual imagery is what manifests.

The word Media is similar to (psychic) Medium, and it also has Channels of information.

The Magic Castle, a famous private club in the Hollywood requires visitors to say a secret phrase to a sculpture of an owl to gain access. Hollywood and Highland is adorned by a Babylonian gate featuring the diety Nusku.

The red carpet is a motif representing the blood-path or bloodline coming down from the past and running into the future.

The black cube or black box representing a television is also said to have Saturn related occult meaning.

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