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I get turned on by many things. I have eargasms when I hear a really good song. I have mouth gasms when I eat something really yummy.

In Tibet there are two paths one can take in Buddhism. Sutrayana (non-Tantric) Buddhism and Tantrayana, Tantric Buddhism.

Sutrayana embodies the philosophy of asceticism, self-denial, renunciation and abstention while Tantrayana doesn’t recognize any inherent defilement in human nature and sees beyond the duality, that our ego self is not separate from our Buddha nature.

Sutrayana sees pleasure as bad, something to be avoided. It focuses on the 5 poisons of greed, anger, desire, envy and denial. Tantrayana sees pleasure as good, something to be enjoyed. It focuses on the 5 elixirs of the wisdom energies of generosity, clarity, appreciation, action and acceptance.

Sutrayana sees the body as a source of mental anguish and something to be subjugated and controlled. Tantrayana sees the body as a vehicle of compassion, something to celebrate.

Sutrayana promotes celibacy as an absolute must and Tantrayana promotes sexuality as a potent method and fast track to Buddhahood.

One path is not inherently superior to the other, but I personally resonate with the Tantric path as it does not create a split in our natural desires and works from where we are at. It is somewhat more compatible with our modern times; with all the existing temptations we have it’s easier to transform our relationship to the material world before committing to throwing it away all together.

I have found joy to be the invisible compass. When you follow joy internally, using the senses as a guide without letting them master you (you are the master) then it’s like you’re using an invisible compass that gives you all the right answers in every situation.

I invite you to follow bliss ✨

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