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Family Karma

One of the more challenging aspects on the spiritual path is the aspect of family and whether one can transcend their attachments yet still remain loyal to their roots.

Some believe that when a human incarnates they “choose” their family and therefore are indebted to this voluntary choice.

In truth, one’s family is ones karma in the same sense that a seed is of the same dna as it’s fruit. The seed (you) carries the characteristics of its fruit type - it’s color, genus, epigenetic influences, etc from all of that fruit’s history and cultivation.

You incarnate into your family because that is the energy that you always belonged to.

In many Tantric texts the family is viewed as ones personal karma, and in order to transcend this karma there must not be clinging attachment and need. It is possible to heal negative family karma through Tantric kriyas and change the manifestation of family simply by changing oneself. Time is not linear.

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