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Feminine Business

As we continue the balancing movement from masculine to feminine, a new paradigm for economic activity is implied.

The previous precedent of work involved drudgery, force, regimented compliance, routine, pushing yourself into motivation, fulfilling a duty.

“I don’t really want to work for ABC company but it’s secure.”

“I have to take care of my family.”

“I’ve got bills to pay.”

“Nothing replaces hard work.”

A feminine business model implies more creativity, working from inspiration rather than obligation, balancing the masculine routine and structure with fun, variety and innovation. Less identical shopping centers and more unique storefronts that reflect the soul expression of the individual.

It also means doing less. The past glorified the idea of working hard at the expense of sleep and health, but it’s much more impressive to create the same or more results with less effort and without exhaustion. With the conscious innerstanding of energy this is totally possible.

The divine feminine moved towards the masculine by doubling her work in home and family life as well as the workplace, but what makes more sense is for the masculine to go towards the feminine. More free time, more time for connection and enjoyment (which is the subconscious fuel behind overworking), and more spirit than material. Balance brings joy to all.

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