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Feng Shui Cures

Though we are projecting this dream reality and the internal state creates the external experience, there are certain hacks to reality that help one to alter their inner awareness through use of the environment.

Enter the magic of Feng Shui.

There are two main cycles of the movement of energy according to Feng Shui:

A creation cycle where Water nurtures > Wood nurtures > Fire nurtures > Earth nurtures > Metal nurtures > Water. This arrangement of the elements in your surroundings creates an energetic flow that feeds your energy and leads to prosperity of all forms.

A destruction cycle where Water weakens > Fire weakens > Metal weakens > Wood weakens > Earth weakens > Water. This reflects a movement of constriction and death.

The elements appear in every spiritual practice and are reflected in the chakras (e.g throat is the air element), astrology, Tantric yantras, alchemy and various occult traditions.

These universal ingredients of existence can be studied to determine whether two people are compatible or can be used in medicine to determine the alchemy between substance and body.

Through enhancing our environments with Feng Shui we work with a visual and energetic feedback system that reflects our inner elements. As within so without.

From a room, to your bodily flesh to your inner organs, to your inner consciousness, a synchronous wave of harmonious energy is established.

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