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Flirt Without Being Creepy

A lot of guys have a problem with how to correctly speak to a woman without scaring her away or being inappropriate.

In the age of “Me Too” where now there is an added anxiety of how to speak to a woman without being accused of harassment it’s even more tricky to dance the fine line of being straight forward vs being too aggressive.

Generally, flirting and interacting should escalate naturally. If a woman is interested in you she will naturally open and flower. Your role as the masculine is to lead the interaction step by step.

See how a woman responds to your advances slowly and subtly. Of course in order to do this really well you need to be someone who is in tune with himself and can feel the subtleties and the energies.

This is why I teach seduction from a real and authentic place rather than from scripted tactics and logical/mind games. This involves having a spiritual practice where you are improving yourself and coming from a place of confidence rather than desperation.

Most guys who are too aggressive are afraid to face their ego and realize a girl may not be into them, and they should just move on to the next, so they try to keep pushing energetically which just creates tension on both sides.

The stronger your spiritual foundation through your practice, the easier it will be to deal with rejections impersonally and attract a woman naturally who you don’t have to trick into liking you cause she’ll just like the REAL YOU.

Women are actually craving and wanting for more men to have the courage to approach them and say what’s on their mind, in a confident and classy way. There are too many effeminate men these days (not the good kind of feminine energy) and there’s a lot of room for you to step up and be that masculine embodied man - the Alpha.


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