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  • Scarlett Demy

Follow the Energy

Everything is an orgasm. The energy builds, reaches an explosive peak and then descends. When you try to make an orgasm happen, it doesn’t happen. It only happens when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, just like with everything else. You cannot control the pleasure you can only guide it.

There’s no need to rush to your goal or to the climax because the more time you take, the more energy is built up, the more satisfying it will be. Your preparation for your goals is like foreplay. When you’re doing it right, you don’t want to reach any end because it feels so damn good in every single moment.

When you reach your climax, you feel content for a while and if you’re grateful you will sit with the feeling. But you’ll always want more. To reach newer and bigger heights.

Your orgasm is your blueprint for your life. Literally and metaphorically. It will show you where and how you might be blocked in certain areas in your life. It goes both ways. Your lifestyle affects your orgasm and your orgasm affects your life.


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