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Getting to the Roots

The ability to manifest and keep healthy and loving relationships often times calls for the deep healing of trauma within the body.

Your nervous system parallels the roots of a tree. Your nerves absorb energy from the environment through sensory perception and send it upwards to your brain to then create new energy, just as roots absorb nourishment from the ground and send it up to the tree’s crown where leaves and branches grow.

The spinal cord which houses the sushumna, or central energy channel where kundalini energy (the coiled powerhouse of energy at the root of the coccyx bone) rises upwards, is like the base of the tree.

Healing from the roots means being in healthy soil (making sure you are in a healthy environment), healing what nutrients and water you are absorbing (energy, food, media, sensory intake), and loosening the compacted soil (removing traumatic blockages that hinder healthy energy flow).

As all of life exists as a duality, there is also a duality of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems within the body. The Sympathetic creates excitement or fear, dilates the pupils, inhibits salivation and the digestive system, and increases the heart beat, and the Parasympathetic nervous system discharges energy, creates relaxation, condenses the pupils, stimulates salivation and the digestive system, and slows the heart beat.

A traumatic event that is unhealed can create an imbalance of either of these systems or both. On the one end leading to hyperactive energetic states, rushing, insomnia, mood swings, lack of an appetite, feeling drawn to stimulants or an overactive libido and on the other leading to depression…lethargy…slow moving energy…fatigue…low libidinal function….feeling drawn to depressants, overeating and feelings of disconnection.

Tantra yoga (and yoga and meditation overall) provide a scientific strategy for regulating all energy imbalances. In Tantra, by clearing the pathway of the sushumna through yogic practices the kundalini is able to rise to activate the highest energy potential of a person. The kundalini itself balances energetic dualities as it makes its ascent.

Touch, regulating your breath through meditation or pranayama, and soothing sound currents expressed through mantras can help relax an overactive sympathetic nervous system.

Gently touching your lips can activate the PSNS because lips are rich with parasympathetic fibers.

Learning the secrets of yogic sequences, posture and eye movement can balance and transform the entire nervous system and create a powerful stability within, so that one feels safe and happy when connecting with others.

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