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The Development of Siddhis (Powers) in Tantra

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

One of the most fascinating experiences a Tantric adept can have is the development of Siddhis, or magical abilities.

Heavy skepticism remains as to the actual viability of an individual being able to attain such powers as levitation, telekinesis or the ability to survive with breath (prana) alone. Even the attempt to prove these through science has been difficult as there are no tools or devices that can scale down and quantify what is more dynamic in nature.

The greatest irony (and therefore protection) is that the intense spiritual discipline required in attaining these abilities means that the egoic need for display and validation are usually non existent. This means most of the public will not have access to viewing these phenomena as there is no need for the adept to display them and in fact there are many risks in presenting them.

A true adept remains untempted by these abilities and recognizes their power is in the extent to which they lead to liberation, the greatest siddhi of all.

There are Eight great paranormal powers known as the Maha-Siddhis:

1. Anima (atomization), the ability to make oneself as small as an atom (anu), implying invisibility

2. Mahima (magnification), the ability to make oneself infinitely large

3. Laghima (levitation), the ability to defy the law of gravity

4. Prapti (acquisition/extension), being able to obtain something by reaching anywhere

5. Prakamya (will), ability to exert one’s will without obstruction

6. Vashitva (mastery), the ability to control the five material elements and their subtle templates

7. Ishitritva (lordship), the ability to completely control the manifestation, arrangement and destruction of the elements and the objects composed of them

8. Kamavasayitva (desire fulfillment), the ability to attain anything anywhere and have all one’s desires fulfilled

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