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  • Scarlett Demy

How Do You Move?

The body is the subconscious mind manifested. All the subtleties of ones thoughts and emotions are seen in the posture, gait, speed and style of one’s movements.

This isn’t surprising considering the brain literally connects the nervous system to the parts of the body. The transmissions are colored by what goes on in the central command center.

A person who moves and stretches often is more fluid energetically. People who dance and engage in non patterned movement are more fluid in their thoughts and creativity.

Every detail matters and every movement matters and is a representation of the inner state.

People who go to gyms are more comfortable with machines and assisted movement in an institutional setting indicating a more regimented way of thinking, while another person may be more of a self starter who runs or wants more personal control over their movement.

The sedentary lifestyle is a product of years long schooling and programming grooming humans into the workplace where otherwise they would never have naturally been able to withhold such unnatural poses for so long.

The body is incredibly important in healing and releasing stuck energy and the magic of Tantric yoga is a brilliant cosmic movement of body and neural cues that restart, realign and reprogram anything you can imagine.

Osho often uses dance and body movement in his special techniques, which I have also adopted, and the catharsis of just moving seems almost too good to be true.


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