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I am Selfish

I love the way etymology reveals secrets behind the true meaning of words and how they apply to us. The word selfish simply implies that it is pertaining to Self. This to me is a positive description of oneself (ONEself). To be self-conscious is not to be insecure but to be aware of your self (YOURself) consciously.

The connotation and stigma to words come from cultural and social beliefs. The correct application of them comes from meditating on the words and their origins.

A selfish person can be the most loving person. Selfish compassion lies in knowing that your happiness lies in the happiness of others. Selfish happiness gives because it’s so abundant that it just pours out everywhere. Selfless compassion comes from no awareness of self. Selfless compassion takes because it believes within self-sacrifice (giving up the Self) validation and love will be found. If there is no full self within (With-in) there is no full self without (With-out).


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