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Jealousy 😈

Jealousy is a very difficult feeling to conquer. It cannot be done simply by struggling against it. There is nothing you can do about a force that has already been unleashed; the pressure is too great, it overturns everything in its path. Don’t try to dam up a river once the floodgates have been opened, it is too dangerous: it will sweep everything before it. The only thing you can do is avoid opening the floodgates; that is the only way to remain in control of the situation. Intelligence is the only thing that can overcome jealousy. It is all a question of thought, of reason.

It is when a woman is guarded jealously that she is most likely to get into trouble. If there is one thing I don’t believe, it is that a man can hold a woman. He can lock her up in a tower, but she will summon the devil himself and amuse herself with him in order to take revenge on her husband.

Jealousy is a lack of intelligence. Someone clings desperately to their property because they do not see that the soul and spirit of the person whose body they possess so jealously are absolutely free. If you begin to realize there is something else to a human being, something subtler that should regulate your relationships, you will be less rigid and more willing to use gentler, more intelligent methods in dealing with the one you love. And they, when they see that you are capable of being reasonable, that you are not going to use violence and that they can really trust you, will become far more deeply attached to you.

Jealousy is a sign of poverty. Those who are inwardly rich are not afraid of being left alone; even if everybody abandons them, they sense that hundreds and thousands of spirits will continue to keep them company.

-Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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