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Kali Yantra

Kali yantra incorporates both female sexual and maternal symbolism. The 36 lines represent the 36 tattvas, or principles of reality. The eight petaled lotus represents the Goddess in her loving, nurturing aspect. The black elements shows that she is also the destroyer, mother night, who eventually absorbs everything into her dark womb of non being or chaos in between universes. The downward pointing triangle is known as a yoni yantra, representing the divine womb. It contains a bindu; the central point, the seat of the soul, the Atman. New creation and new birth of living worlds stem from this female principle. Surrounding the Bindu are five concentric triangles that represent the five Koshas.

The Koshas are the sheaths of the human condition. The physical sheath is known as, the Annamayakosa ; the life force is the Pranamayakosa; Manomayakosa is the mental/emotional sheath; Vijnanmayakosa is wisdom; and Anandamayakosa is Bliss.

The Lotus blossom symbolizes the eight chakras and the eight principles of Prakriti; the manifesting universe; earth, air, water, fire, ether - and with the 3 principles of the inner instrument (antahkarana); manas (lower mind), buddhi (higher mind), and ahamkara (ego). The Kali Yantra is a meditative tool used to focus the mind on spiritual growth and union with the Divine.

Kali grants a lightning-like illumination and transformation. Kali relates to lightning (vidyut-shakti), the electrical force that pervades the universe as the power of transformation. Kali holds the five vital airs: prana (upward air); apana (downward air); vyana (air within the body); udana (air leaving the body); and samana (air at the navel which helps to digest food).She is located in the spiritual heart, the anahata chakra. She is the pulsating of the physical heart, the blood that gives us life; in this action She is called Rakta-Kali or the Red Kali.


Krim Krim Krim Hrim Hrim Hum Hum

Dakshine Kalike Krim Krim Krim Hrim Hrim

Hum Hum Svaha


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