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Karma is Incomplete Action

Karma occurs when the quantum timeline potentiality remains in potentiality rather than completion. Because something has not been completed your consciousness remains in a loop. Like if you were playing Super Mario Bros, but you keep having to repeat the castle level until you beat the dinosaur thing and you can finally move on to the next level.

Completion is a full and thorough perception.

One form of Karma is trauma. When trauma occurs a splitting or fragmentation of consciousness happens. Your brain checks out, your body freezes, and time jumps ahead having lapsed ahead without experiencing the full perception of the act.

It would be like somehow you ended up skipping the castle level, but deep down you knew you had to complete it for the whole game to be won, for the whole cycle to complete.

When you have this lapse in consciousness, your external projection, what you perceive as the universe, begins to bring you quantum similarities to what you did not experience to give you an opportunity to fully process and complete the timeline potentiality you skipped over.

You will begin to keep manifesting similar situations to the castle level because you’re trying to remind yourself you have to complete it. You just can’t move on until you complete it.

So you keep trying to remind yourself, and the loop keeps happening starting out somewhat unpleasant, and then turning up the dial of happening over and over and with more difficulty until you finally achieve a breakthrough in consciousness and process the initial cycle fully.

All is rhythm. Everything moves in cycles, the seasons have a rhythm, the planets have a rhythm, everything is constantly looping. Your thoughts in your brain are constantly looping. Your everyday habits are constantly looping.

It’s what Hill calls Hypnotic Rhythm, the Emerald Tablets call the Law of Rhythm and what Zeland calls Pendulums.

The quantum reality hack is when you gain awareness and begin to jump these loops by the simple act of perception without repeating effort.

Another example of Karma is incomplete and unfulfilled desires. The lack of having achieved a desire keeps one’s consciousness continually reincarnating in order to complete the unfulfilled desires. This is another rhythmic loop where resistance is created because there is excessive desire to complete the loop. Ironically, it is completed with the quantum hack of letting it go. When you let it go and allow your consciousness to feel a state of completion anyway, it regressively manifests in you attaining your desires because you already completed the whole game, so it just appears as a byproduct. This is why lovers come back when you don’t care anymore, you manifest abundance when you’ve already found a way to feel abundant where you are, and you find your purpose when you stop seeking it and it arises as a natural effect of your presence to the moment.

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