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Make Your Aura a Ritual Practice

Many of you can feel the greater density and heaviness in the air with the increased cell towers and collective emotional activity. Now more than ever is the time to strengthen your resolve, plan intelligently, remove complacency and strengthen your aura/ electromagnetic field.

The era of the weak empath is over. Here are a few tips to keep your aura bright and strong, feeling safe and protected in your own skin and in your own space.

1. Identify cords and holes throughout the day and remove them. Thoughts and emotions, what you are focused on creates quantum energy entanglements - people tell you you are not your thoughts but no one tells you you are also not your emotions. I guarantee half the time the feelings you feel aren’t even yours but things you pick up from the environment or your friends and family. Strive to feel your own feelings as the naturally arise and then be neutral/zero polarity. You can’t run from your emotions you can only face them and neutralize them. When you run it’s like an animal that senses fear and starts chasing you. Face and delete what you don’t want, clean and sharp. Don’t allow your thoughts and emotions to dwell on people and situations you don’t want to attract to you more of.

2. Expand your electromagnetic field. Your aura should be Ion rich through constant hydration, breathing deeply, your diet and physical movement, flushing yourself out in nature as often as possible. Push your field out with constant visualization, movement and clearing. Mentally see in your minds eye that your aura expands more and more feet out, clearing and blessing everything in its path. Untouchable. Clear crystals can help however they should be cleansed and charged and programmed with intention. Most people walk around carrying inert crystals not realizing it’s like a battery that needs to be juiced with sunlight or moonlight or personal magic and intention/connection.

3. Yoga and meditation. The correct mantras go a long way in expanding your vibration and your field. Mantras synchronize with energetic forms infusing you with their essence. Chanting verbally and mentally is a simple and powerful method of protection.

For some heavy duty yoga, occult and magic aura expansion & protection check out my Aura Protection Arsenal course

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