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  • Scarlett Demy

Libido Dominandi

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

This term is taken from Augustines first work "De civitate Dei.” It refers to the will to power; the desire to dominate; the lust for government.

The premise is that because man has been completely deprived of his connection to Self, his relationship to others and the relationship to truth he becomes captive to an internal lust for domination. Churches and nations are emblems of libido dominandi, man’s attempt to dominate the objectified externally and to possess.

This concept is parallel to the lust for man to dominate and possess a woman sexually, because he lacks the inner sexual cultivation within.

The egoic structures of civilization have only perpetuated the libido dominandi, as a man depleted of his sexual life force is an easier plug to power the collective form for domination.

This translates as an oversexualized media and the promotion of ejaculatory activities that dissipate the individual into the collective form.

Wars and conflicts are inevitable until man has reigned in and mastered his inner (sexual) force so that he no longer seeks it externally.

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