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Masculine Etiquette

The word ‘chivalry’ refers to “a body or host of knights; knighthood; bravery in war, warfare as an art” and is derived from Old French chevalerie "knighthood, chivalry, nobility, cavalry, art of war."

Ethics, courage and honor were the connotations of a word that has somehow been transfigured in modern day to imply weakness or servility.

When modern people express their nostalgia for chivalry, they aren’t simply regretful of the loss of kind gestures and gimmicks, but more so deeply reminiscent of a time when values and honor were weaved into the fabric of masculinity - just as the armor of a knight shined as a representation of his courage rather than his protection (weakness).

When a man shows respect to the feminine he shows his character and nobility.

A man who has been weakened by his own shortcomings may attempt to falsely prove his masculinity by showing disregard for women or rudeness in an attempt to prove his strength, unaware that to engage in such a battle with a woman only weakens him further as he engages with the incorrect adversary.

A woman is like a smooth salve on a man who shows her respect and reverence. She lights the way in the tunnels of his vision so that he can see where his true enemies lie - within his own Self.

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