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Mirror World

We live in a #holographic#reality. Everyone is you. It’s hard to accept when there is something you can’t stand about someone. Still it’s all a reflection of you.

In Chinese Feng Shui mirrors amplify energy and are seen as having the property of reflecting (and effectively multiplying) things in your home. A mirror placed in a way that reflects a beautiful view from a garden can draw in good Feng Shui energy into your space.

Your vessel and your being is like your home in life. You can choose people who are positive mirrors and amplify your good traits. You can likewise be around people that reflect to you the ugly parts of yourself.

Because a mirror is an amplifier, you must use your awareness as to how the people and circumstances in your life are serving you through the reflections. You don’t need to sit in front of an ugly mirror once you learn a lesson. Bringing the right people to serve as mirrors in your life can be extremely helpful in expanding on your own positive traits and amplifying what you like about them within yourself.

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