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Just as you are not your thoughts but the conscious soul observing them, so are you not your emotions.

Your emotions are literally just neuropeptides in your brain that attach to various cells throughout the brain and body.

They are chains of amino acids influenced by your genetics and epigenetics.

These go out as electromagnetic impulses that attach to the receptor sites of your cells. Adrenaline, vasopressin, etc.

Endorphins are an example of brain opioid peptide systems that are known to play an important role in motivation, emotion, attachment behaviour, the response to stress and pain, and the control of food intake.

The majority of people in modern society carry subtle addictions to the feelings of stimulation and excitement from many of these peptides; once your body is used to releasing them your cells remain in expectation of them with the corresponding cell receptor sites ready to receive the same amount of the peptides they become accustomed to.

When you subconsciously find pleasure in watching the news, gossiping about some dramatic thing that happened with someone you know, instigating drama with your love partner etc, you are unconsciously desiring the feeling of these opioid peptides.

In Tantra and most yogic philosophies the soul is most at ease in neutrality. When you engage in stimulation you create polarity and magnetism that creates action and reaction, karmic cycles.

In neutrality and non-duality you find peace and clarity. Your intuition is more clear when it is not clouded by the riff raff of emotion and you can tap more easily into your divine Self.

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