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Non Duality in Tantra

The union of all paradoxes. The dissolution of all attachments.

What you resist and run away from will manifest until it’s embraced. Similarly what you chase after will elude you until you give it up and find your center without it. In this way the soul remembers its simultaneous expression of voidness and everythingness.

If you chase after money, love and sex you will either not attain them or not attain the pleasure you thought they would bring you.

When people say they found love when they stopped looking, they manifested money when they were just doing what they were passionate about, and they attracted more interested people when practicing no fap or celibacy, they are just alluding to various manifestations of the basic magnetic/polar nature of the universe.

When you give up the seeking and realize the manifestation of the object you are seeking within yourself, the external manifestation begins to seek you. The dust on the mirror hologram of reality gets polished and you can experience your inner as outer.

There is no need to renounce the world and all its pleasures. If you can see the temporary-infinite dual nature of existence, you will transcend the need to escape from or run to.

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