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A mind that seeks constant novelty is a distracted mind.

Yogis speak of one-pointed concentration as a key to meditative practice; ‘samadhi’ is defined as a state of intense concentration (dharana) resulting in union with the ultimate reality.

Switching and changing usually is a form of resistance that leads one away from the particular thing they desire.

Switching romantic partners often leads one away from the subconscious intimacy they desire. Switching homes often leads one away from the grounded feeling of home. Switching foods and diets creates a lack of nutrition and craving for more flavors and food.

While it’s true that all paths lead to the same destination, a lack of consistency and constancy is like a person digging several holes for a well without ever reaching the water at the bottom.

Mastery arises from choosing the correct actions and repeating them until they become your nature.

Change is a natural and inevitable occurrence that happens without effort when the cycles of life naturally complete and run their course. Forcing change externally without first evolving internally leads one to the same karmic loops and patterns within a seemingly different colored environment and the same personalities with different faces.

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